Deyves Goulart


Brief info

His first contact with a board was at the age of 12. Even though he lived far from the beach, he would always take advantage of the opportunities to be inside the ocean - learning and evolving with his friends. At the age of 19, he had the opportunity to live near the sea, thus enjoying more time with what motivated him the most: surfing. In parallel to this, Deyves graduated in Media and, due to his connectedness with surfing, had an idea. To start helping other people analyse their surfing technique through videos. He bought a camera, specialised technology, and started offering video analysis work. Today, at 33, he is a resident of the Ericeira region, works with various athletics competitors at the world level, such as Lucas Silveira, Tim Bisso and Andy Criere. He has worked as a certified surfing teacher and photographer at Blue Ocean Surf School for over two years.

Speaking Languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish

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