Rodrigo Bettiol


Brief info

46-year-old from Brazil. With Italian grandparents, he left Brazil in 1999 and moved to Milan in 2020 - where he learnt to speak fluent Italian (one of the five languages he knows). He has had a strong passion for skate and surfing since childhood. Unfortunately, he lived far from the coast and could only surf whenever his family decided to go on vacation close to the ocean. At the age of 9, he discovered skating, which allowed him to get the same sensation of surfing anytime and anywhere. He is living his dream in Ericeira, owner of his own business, “Gundi Surf House”, and in contact with the ocean daily. He’s happy to share this passion with others and spread good vibes while teaching as a certified surf instructor at Blue Ocean Surf School.

Speaking Languages: Portuguese, English, Italian, Spanish, and French

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