Rodrigo Barletta


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Surfer since childhood, he loves and prioritises surfing in his life, having as one of his goals to surf and evolve as much as possible can, in addition to helping other people to know surfing and enjoy this source of youth. As Rodrigo even says, "if I could set a goal of my life in a sentence, it would be: I surf to live and I live to surf." He competed in southern Brazil's amateur and university scene for many years. He had the opportunity to train athletes, such as his sons Cainã Barletta and Antônio Neto, both surf teachers in the Ericeira region today. In parallel with the being a certified surfing teacher at Blue Ocean Surf School, Rodrigo is Oceanologist with a Master's in Physical Oceanography, Chemistry and Geological and Doctor in Environmental Engineering.

Speaking Languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish

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