You have three different options – which vary regarding the pack that you are buying. You can gather any package at our school (Blue Ocean Surf School). However, if you contact us and are buying a package for at least 5 days we can arrange to deliver your surfboard at the airport or at a 25km radius from our base location.*

* Under consultation with the school

Yes. You will be asked for your bank card details – the deposit money won’t be removed from your account, but will be frozen until the boards are examined and received.

For online payments, we accept PayPal, MasterCard or Visa. In our physical establishment, we only accept cash payments.

Yes. You can change once a week under our staff’s consultation.

Although we accept walk-ins, we highly encourage you to rent ahead of time during high season so you can get the board you want.

Never leave a board in the sun or inside a car! Especially in hot days – you won’t want to see all the wax damage. Try to leave all the material in the shade and rinsing it every time you use it.

As soon as you choose your pack and proceed with the checkout. 

Yes. You have up to a week before the rental begins to receive a full refund. If you cancel within a week’s span of your booking starting, we will keep 20% of the amount paid.*

* Unless medically justified and proved

The Blue Ocean Surf School is located at Ribeira D’Ilhas.

In these specific coordinates: 38.98789342214368,

Depending on what you may lose or the damage done, we will inspect the material and provide you a quote that will be deducted from the deposit value.

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