+ The surf lessons were great. I went in a intermediate level and was left to my own devices once the guys were happy with me. The beach was great on the first day but had a horrible rip on the second. Nonetheless, it didn’t spoil the experience and would definitely recommend the team at Blue Ocean. Paul, Macroom, Ireland. September 2015

+ The surf lessons were superb – the instructors going the extra mile to really observe and advise us all appropriately. My 7 year old son and 13 year old were given special attention and classes were not cancelled when they were not full. The instructors were very friendly – even when “off duty” in their local bar which we were lucky enough to find. The beach was small and safe. Only a few metres opening where there were no rocks. We visited the neighbouring reef and there was no gap! James, Hertfordshire, England. July 2015

+ We booked lessons on two sprays and had a blast. Instructors were great and equipment was fantastic. There were waves all the time and was great. The sea floor is rock that is flat and your feet/ankles can get sore but once you realise this, you are a bit more aware. The surf bar food and drink was fab. Ani, Wrexham, Wales. July 2015

+ We loved surfing at Blue Ocean Surf School. We learned a lot and felt confident in the water. Aurora, Bergen, Norwa. May 2015