Surf School

Nestling on the Atlantic coast a short drive north of Lisbon, Ericeira is a traditional fishing village and Portugal’s surfing Mecca, internationally renowned as one of the best surfing spots in Europe,and the second surfing world reserve.

Since 1985 it has played host to the ASP (WQS) world championship. Two minutes away from the centre of Ericeira and next to the beach. The facilities are situated in front of a beach break with perfect waves for all levels, and a short distance from several of Portugal’s best surfing breaks, such as Coxos,Crazy Left,Ribeira Dilhas,Pedra Preta, Pontinha, Pedra Branca and Reef. The faciliies are situated in Ribeira Dilhas Beach With perfect waves.

The school guarantees quality teaching with special attention to safety. The surf lessons will be planned daily by the surf monitors, taking into consideration the surf level of participants and weather conditions. Qualified instructors that speak Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Classes lasting about two hours. Prices include: surfboard + wetsuit + insurance + instructor accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

We are waiting for you!!! Aloha!!!

Ericeira Guest House